Who Killed Bambi? brings happiness - a success story

Who Killed Bambi? brings happiness – a success story

This isn’t glamorous design. It’s fashion which is classic, timeless and feminine yet unusual. “Who Killed Bambi?” offers women’s favourites with stylish cuts, original details and made of high-quality fabric.

The eye-catching name, the title of a Sex Pistols song, is down to the founder’s soft spot for music. The first shop opened in 2002, located at the time in Lychener Straße in Prenzlauer Berg. What initially began as a market stall, and as something of a hobby, developed into a serious business. In 2008, “Who Killed Bambi?” took off, and today there are no
less than five shops: three in Mitte, one in Friedrichshain and one in Prenzlauer Berg.

At “Who Killed Bambi?”, or “WKB?” for short, fashion is something to be enjoyed. For a good ten years now, they have been travelling to many countries in search of new items, showing that fashion here at home can be individual and independent. Trends are not so important: what matters is that the clothes are wearable, unique and good-value. At “WKB?” you
can find an item you love, and you won’t see everyone on the street wearing it. Instead of the conventional fashion on the rails, there are one-off pieces. Alongside fashion from Asia, Europe and Germany, they also have their own brand. In this way, “Who Killed Bambi?” makes a stand against the global massfashion of the large chain stores. For their collection,
they make sure that all the items of clothing have been produced under ethical social conditions.

Above all, “Who Killed Bambi?” values good tailoring. Here, they have an e ye for what suits a woman. When choosing an item of clothing, it’s important that it flatters your figure, and that it looks just as good on any woman, no matter whether they are size 40 or size 34. The result is classic-feminine fashion for all women: from skinny to curvy. “WKB?” have chosen not to have an online shop. It’s about feeling the fabric and trying the item on there and then, in order to really judge if it’s right. Of course, part of the shopping experience at “WKB?” is a pleasant atmosphere and competent advice.

“Who Killed Bambi” offers everyday fashion which is individual, sophisticated and good value. There is also a selection of bags, jewellery and accessories. And for men there is a large, original selection of T-shirts in the Eberswalder Straße branch.

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