Westöstlicher Diwan e.V.

The reopening of the Westöstlicher Diwan e.V.
in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin in the district of Mitte in 2007 took place simultanously to the reopening of the Westlicher Diwan e.V. in Haifa Street in Bagdad where the Goethe Institut established a discussion forum, hence promoting the German language and culture and giving intellectuals and academics of the city the opportunity to come together in regular gatherings. The aim of the Westöstlicher Diwan e.V. is to send out a message which is intended to fight all types of suppressions and which denounces any kind of limitation of freedom. Furthermore, it is interested in supporting the more liberals while listening to their visions and hopes.

Photo Gallery

Westöstlicher Diwan
Locate in the “Kulturbrauerei”
Schönhauser Allee 36 – 39
10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

opening hours

Fon +49 30 20 61 99 81
Fax +49 30 20 61 99 82
Web www.diwanev.com



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