Take a fancy for a hat in the hat store „Heimat Berlin“

Take a fancy for a hat in the hat store „Heimat Berlin“

Ten years ago, the two business associates of “Heimat Berlin” Stefan Lochner and Sebastian Mücke met each other for the first time. Soon, their common interest in hats and caps tied them together. They agreed that Berlin was in an urgent need for a young and trendy hat store. For this reason, they opened their first hat store “Heimat Berlin”, a store where they offered cool, individual and affordable hats.

In 1998, the studied travel management assistant and landscaper Stefan Lochner came from the Allgäu, a region in the South of Germany, to Berlin, where he began selling hats and caps at a local Christmas market while still being enrolled in university for Latin American Studies. Sebastian Mücke moved to Berlin in 1990 to start his studies in Business Administration. Just as his business partner, Mücke also occasionally worked at different markets in Berlin where, at one point of time, the two met each other.

Today, just like back in the days, the two travel around the world for several months a year, preferably to Asia and South America to get new ideas for new hat models or to establish new contacts with hat manufacturers.

About the world of hats Stefan Lochner says the following: “We want more people to wear hats in their everyday lifes. We obtain hats e.g. from Italy, the USA and Germany and our caps are made in Nepal. My favourite hats, as a matter of fact, are produced in Germany, in my homeland, the Allgäu, which happens to be the centre of the hat manufacturers. The hat is a lost culture but in the 20’s and 30’s, Germany was famous for its hats. Back then, almost everybody wore a hat and only very few people left the house without one. A hat is more than a mere accessory. It tells you a lot about a person. If a hat fits to a person, it underlines his character and reflects his temper. For this reason, one hat is not enough to depict all the different tempers of a person. Once a person takes a fancy for a hat, he will always come back.” Stefan Lochner himself owns about 50 hats. “There is a suitable hat, or better, there are suitable hats for any person and any face. At our store, anyone will find his proper hat. A person, who says that there is no suitable hat for him, is a person who is wrong. Nevertheless, you have to be very careful with fashion. The fact that small-brimped hats are modern does not mean that they will fit anybody.“

Stefan Lochner really likes to give advice to others. Over the years he has developed a perfect eye for the perfect hat. “Normally, the customer feels very comfortable with his proper hat. He can just feel it and there is no other way to buy a hat. It just has to be right. The price range starts at 10 euros; however, a person can also spend 400 euros for his favourite hat.”

The two business associates run several stores at a time where they sell a great variety of about 500 hats and caps as well as accessories which include cigars, cuckoo clocks, sun glasses but also shoes and typical Bavarian dirndl dresses.

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