Supalife Kiosk

concept was launched by Gabriele Zygor in 2004. Its intention has been to provide a fertile platform for the development of young visual artists and urban art projects. Supalife’s work is project-orientated, independent, and driven by passion, with the aim to focus on form and content rather than on market-orientated work. We support and encourage independent projects whose strengths are found in their artistic ability as well as in their content and social criticism. As a crossing point for artists, illustrators and the international pool of art-loving visitors and customers, our selection of projects and products provide a singular point for the visual reflection of the proliferous Berlin arts and culture scene.

We offer advice for artists and actively participate in the creative process and the development of exhibition concepts and ideas, which are then presented in 6-week turns in our gallery-store. We are a showroom for all artists, whether autodidacts or diploma-holders – and have therefore become respected as precursors and as an important connecting point for young talented creatives needing such a platform.

Our strength lies in handcrafted silkscreen prints, both as art-prints and limited-edition posters. We present a special selection of the Berlin-based scene, with limited edition comics and handmade unique curiosities, as well as editing small publications and special editions in collaboration with outstanding artists. You will rarely find such a beautifully rich collection of rarities in Berlin other than at Supalife Kiosk! Supalife for everyone! Let’s have a supalife…

Photo Gallery

Supalife Kiosk
Raumerstr. 40
10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

opening hours
Mon. – Sat.: 12:00-19:00

Fon +49 30 44 67 88 26



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