Soju Bar

Berlin by night, in the heart of the city, Kreuzberg.
A feeling of transition into a far away land, a feeling of Seoul on the streets. Yet a special climate, smells, love, music. Beautiful bodies making wondrous movements. Leaving the dance floor to spend time in the karaoke bathroom singing underneath a disco ball. Fine drinks slip flirtatiously across your lips. It’s dangerous, the Soju tastes so good, and it feels so good. Electronic beats, korean pop the party never ends, just the night.

Soju Bar opens at 11:00 PM and is open from Tuesday until Saturday.

Oh ya, the bouncer is nice, if you are nice too.

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Soju Bar
Skalitzerstr. 36
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

opening hours
Tue. – Sat.: ab 23.00

Fon +49 163 45 80 20 3

Web Soju Bar on Facebook



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