Russisches Theater Berlin

The Russisches Theater Berlin was founded
by Boris Romanov in 1922. Back then, the ensemble counted more than 100 performers and established itself in the Apollo Theater in the Friedrichstr. 218. Since 1997 the theater is located in the Kulturbrauerei where it combines straight theater, dance and music, and thus, continues the traditions of the 1920’s. In addition to the artistic work of the actors, the audience highly appreciates the intimate atmosphere of the theater. Three times a week, theater plays written by Russian authors are performed on stage and very often, they are sold out completely.
All performances are in German.

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Russisches Theater Berlin
Locate in the “Kulturbrauerei”
Entrance Knaackstraße 97
10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

opening hours

Fon +49 30 44 13 90 1
Tickets +49 30 81 46 66 88



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