The videostore “Negativeland” was founded in 1990
The videostore “Negativeland” was founded in 1990 to establish a movie collection beyond the norms of commerce in East Berlin. Now we proudly present more than 12.000 DVDs and videos, many imported. We arrange the movies by directors, and actors, by genre and origin too. You can get a general idea through our database. We do not only rent DVDs and videos but sell them too (per mailorder, if you prefer). By knowing that many stuff is only available on video or DVD, now you can rent a DVD- or videoplayer again. Thank You!

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Videostore Negativeland
Danziger Str. 41
10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

opening hours
Mon-Sat 12:00-24:00

Sun 14:00-22:00

Fon +49 30 44 77 44 7



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