Alexanderplatz Berlin

The Alexanderplatz is located in the centre of Berlin. The Alex, how the citizens of Berlin call it, offers numerous shopping possibilities, cozy cafés and snack points as well as at-tractive sights like the television tower Fernsehturm, the world time clock, the town hall Rotes Rathaus and the area around the Nikolaiviertel. The Fernsehturm is definitely one of the most attractive sights of Berlin and the visit of the 360° cupola is a must for anybody who wants to experience Berlin from a bird’s-eye view.

In 1805, the former Paradeplatz of the Prussian army was renamed in honor of the Rus-sian tsar Alexander I. to Alexanderplatz. In the German Democratic Republic (GDR) the entire square was reconstructed and only accessible for pedestrians. Since 1998, tram trains pass again through the Alexanderplatz. Every day, more than 360.000 people visit the Alexanderplatz. It is one of the most visited squares in Berlin, still ahead of the Kurfür-stendamm and the fourth popular square in Europe. Here, you can visit the Alexanderplatz online.


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