matzmate combines art and artisanry for functional companions

matzmate combines art and artisanry for functional companions

Stefan Matzdorf and Laura Jost bring a breath of fresh air to Weißensee, named after the famous composer. After just a month of renovation, the designer and photographer inaugurated their shared studio.

Laura has her photographer’s studio at the back, while Stefan’s workspace is up front. High-quality hand-made wallets, smartphone sleeves and laptop-bags are created here – simple, customised designs made out of leather. It’s all about the detail.

The leather is combined with a robust cotton-polyester fabric for a high-contrast effect, on which the designer’s own collages, illustrations or photos are printed. During his degree at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art in Halle, the budding designer fell in love with leather, among other elements of his design style. “I started off by making shoes, learning how the process worked. Then I really let rip with a borrowed industrial sewing,” the Berliner says. “I liked it so much that I bought myself one after the project.” He refined his skills at a customised bootmaker in Kreuzberg.

Laura Jost graduated in photography at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts in 2006, after which she came to Berlin to work as an assistant. Since 2008, the freelance photographer from Aachen has specialised in people-photography, doing business portraits and branding for companies on the one hand and portraits of musicians on the other. She also combines artisan quality with creativity.

After two years working at a textile-printing company, designer Stefan went freelance.

Thus was born matzmate. „MATZ is a part of my last name, and MATE is like pal, a piece of Berlin which always goes with you. The PiepMATZ bird has also made its way into the logo,“ the 31-year-old tells us, smiling.

A visit to the shop (Bizetstrasse 122) offers the customer the chance to have a unique product custom-made.
The available fabrics and threads can be combined to your taste.

Matzmate also makes cycling caps. Instead of the normal publicity logos, the caps are printed with their own design.
When Stefan Matzdorf isn’t busy with his leather products, he’s filling his sketchbook with illustrations, in which caligraphy, text, sketches and embellishments create unusual works of art.

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