Bergmannkiez –Berlin’s variety at its best

Bergmannstraße in the district of Kreuzberg is the lively thoroughfare between Mehringdamm and Südstern. With its bold mix of shops, jumble stores, cafes and restaurants, it is – and has been for many
years – one of the cult streets of Berlin. Come enjoy Berlin’s diversity at its best in this laid-back neighbourhood atmosphere.

The residential area around Bergmannstraße is characterised by the ‘Gründerzeit’ architecture of the buildings, which are almost entirely preserved and which began to undergo minor refurbishments at the
end of the 1970s. Due to its increasingly multicultural population, in West Berlin times the Bergmannkiez developed the character of a southern European town. In recent years, the lifestyle here has become
more chic and upmarket and as a result, this new stylish living now mixes with the diverse roots.

Situated directly on Bergmannstraße is the Marheineke indoor market, which was completely ruined in the war and then later rebuilt. Before its renovation in 2007, it housed simple stalls selling everyday
supplies. Nowadays, however, it is more of a grocery palace, providing the well-heeled residents with a whole range of delicacies. Every Saturday and Sunday in front of the market hall there’s the chance
to have a good rummage around at the jumble sale.

The impressive Chamissoplatz, with its compact developments of old tenements houses, allows one to imagine the wretched living conditions of the workers in the late Imperial era. The reconstruction is faithful to the original and has become the destination of many a city tour, as well as a popular backdrop for camera crews shooting historical film scenes. The organic market on Saturdays brings even more people here.


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Heimat Berlin 2

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Herrlich – Männergeschenke

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