Eka Lekka
…outside red lighting, inside a lot of red plastic furniture, nice music, sometimes DJ’s and gigs and a hint of Portugal… The EKA on the Helmholtzplatz has the charm of a southern European pub. When empty it may look a little cheap, which is hardly ever the case. The little bar offers inexpensive Sagres and for the Portuguese holiday-makers even a Super-Bock. To top it up, there is nice music and every first Thursday of the month there is Bingo- and of course the little extras, such as the evening sun on the Helmholtzplatz. So, get in while there is space!

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eka Bar & Café
Dunckerstr. 9
10435 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

opening hours

Fon +49 30 43 72 06 12
Web http://www.eka-leka.de/



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