E-Gruppe: Neue Deutsche Posterkunst

Neue Deutsche Posterkunst
Starting as a Street-art person (Stencils, 1992-98), e (aka Torston e. Hoehle) now juggles his act as a graphic artist, VJ, Deco-artist and party organizer in Berlin. In Zwischenraum, he will be showing his Logo-Manipulations of well-known brand designs, which are modified in such a way that makes use and at the same time, brings out the unique character of the original designs. His logos often come satirical twists in them.

Photo Gallery

E-Gruppe: Neue Deutsche Posterkunst
Galerie Zwischenraum
Seydelstr. 7
10117 Berlin Mitte

opening hours
Fon +49 151 24127778

Web www.zwischenraum-berlin.de/
Web www.raum-e.com/



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