CSV Copy in Berlin-Pankow

Your special copy shop in Berlin-Pankow
Especially the unique atmosphere combined withthe latest technology attracts the creative minds of Berlin who come together in this very distinctive shop. The Infopanel provides a wide selection of goods and services ranging from simple black and white copies, to hard copies on huge banners as well as the printing on all kinds of different materials. In other words: Nothing is impossible in the Infopanel. Due to the fact that the shop uses modern plotting technology, itis also very popular among architects.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to print, bind and goffer their dissertations, if necessary, even at the last minute. In addition, many visitors enjoy Infopanel’s offer of last minute gifts (printing on cups, puzzles, mouse pads and T-shirts). Also, in order to offer the best service possible, the experienced staff will help the customers to find a solution to all of the problems, regardless of how difficult they are.

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CSV Copy in Berlin-Pankow
Breite Str. 29
13187 Berlin Pankow

opening hours
Mon. – Fri.: 8:00 – 19:00
Sat.: 11:00 – 18:00

Fon +49 (0)30 60 50 50 80
Fax +49 (0)30 60 50 50 81

Web www.csvcopy.de


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