Ambassadors of the Italian way of life in the store

Ambassadors of the Italian way of life in the store “Wo die Zitronen blühen”

For more than a year now, the store „Wo die Zitronen blühen” can be found in the Senefelderstraße which is located close to Helmholtzplatz in the borough of Prenzlauer Berg. “Wo die Zitronen blühen” literary translated as “The place of the blooming lemons“. The store is run by the associates Sabine Flurschütz und Paola Trombetta with a great passion for details. In the middle of the 1980’s Sabine Flurschütz turned her back on Germany and moved to the beautiful Italian city of Lecce located on the Salentine Peninsula in the south east of Italy. There, she made friends with her current business associate Paola Trombetta, who holds a degree in German studies. Two decades later, it was Paola Trombetta, who – after her kids had grown up, her enthusiam for the south Italian summer heat had strongly declined and her job as an event manager in Lecce had turned out to be monotonous – gave the decisive push to set up her own store.

Her idea was to leave Italy behind and to open up a store abroad where she wanted to sell art and design objects from her home country – object she really liked. Sabine Flurschütz, who was captured by Trombetta’s idea, joined her.

Originally, they wanted to open up a store in London or Paris, but surprisingly it turned out to be Berlin which all of a sudden casted a spell on the two women after they had visited the borough of Prenzlauer Berg. In addition, they noticed that the rents for business properties were considerably lower. A facility for a store, which both of the women liked, was soon found. In the meantime, the two have stocked the store with a wide range of unique designer objects. Sabine Flurschütz is responsible for maintaining the contact to the producers of the unique items.

At the same time, she still works as a lecturer at the University of Lecce. Paola Trombetta on the contrary, enjoys her new life in Berlin and is delighted by the changeable, lively weather as well as by the active metropolitan life in Berlin. Since the opening of the store in June 2009, she takes care of the on-site customers and preferably studies the differences in the tastes of German and Italian women and women with other nationalities from around the world. “Russian Women for instance are more interested in glamorous addictive labels whereas the taste of the Berliners is less sophisticated.” According to the customer’s wishes, Trombetta constantly keeps adapting her product range.

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Wo die Zitronen blühen


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